The Gift

The gift is a collection of individually unique and highly interactive, minds-on workshops that offer athletes and their teams the opportunity to experience personal growth and collective empowerment. Emphasizing the true freedoms of the human endeavor - ATTENTION and EFFORT, these workshops offer a real time experience of being fully present. This experience will clarify personal and team-wide distractions and help to develop the skills necessary to turn away from the negative and towards the more positive, effective, and productive.

Power of Attention

This experience provides athletes with immediately accessible tools and techniques to better understand the meaning of attention and effort and how to better engage these freedoms in pursuit of behavior change, increased awareness, and higher levels of performance.

Tough, Kind and Flexible

This workshop serves to develop resiliency, self care, and the capacity to let go. Toughness is more than having a high tolerance for pain. Participants will learn to face their fear of failure and develop the resilience and compassion to let go of mistakes during the competitive event.

Culture Building and Development

Today's teams are complex and diverse. Recognizing what makes us unique and at the same time so similar in our collective journey is the first step to culture building. The seeds of culture are planted long before the season begins, and the culture itself continues to change and grow throughout the season and life of any team.

Cultivating Courage and Compassion

High level athletics share a common experience: suffering. Whether it be the pains of training, the misery of injury, or the heartbreak of loss, elite competition provides individual athletes and teams the blessings of coming to know who and what they really are. In recognizing the inherent suffering of sport, athletes can then learn to embrace it, share it, and ultimately use it as a source of empowerment.


Developing leadership in today's athletic environment demands social intelligence, emotional agility, and mindfulness. This workshop serves both coaches and athletes interested in learning how to bring out the best in each and every member of their athletic community.

At Risk Behaviors: Accountability and the Culture of Kindness

The daily grind of academics, team management, and training often leaves little time to address the at risk behaviors so often found in high-level athletics. While flexibility is key, a plan is necessary to succeed in the face of these issues. This workshop helps to develop the skill set and buy in necessary to address at risk behaviors within a culture of kindness and accountability.

Stress Management On and Off the Field

Life is difficult! Consistent, sustainable, and high level performance is more difficult. The current generation of athletes and coaches experience stress at higher levels than ever before. This workshop introduces participants to the real time experience of stress and it's causes and conditions. Athletes and coaches will learn to process stress rather than manage it, to use it rather than ignore it. Participants will leave with tools to recognize the distractions that often cause stress and the strength and wisdom necessary to "come home" to the here and now.