Rebecca Grzybowski, head coach - Temple Women’s Rowing, Philadelphia, PA

“Dr Leming’s unique approach to personal growth has been an incredible resource as our program evolves.  As coaches, we try to give our athletes tools to help them manage the inevitable pain and discomfort that accompanies training and racing but we can’t be there with them when things are getting hard at the 1250m mark. What our athletes are learning with Dr. Leming are valuable skills that will help both on the racecourse and in life. I have no doubt that his involvement with our team is adding to our overall speed, culture and development.”

Peter Wells, Head Coach - Williams College Women’s Rowing, Williamstown, MA 

"Meeting and listening to August a year ago has led me, and our team at Williams to an important relationship and growing understanding…by being more present and alert to ourselves in the process - focusing on how each of us can become a better version of him or herself…If you are looking for something important - perhaps perceived as different by the usual mainstream - getting involved with August Leming and his pursuit to find purpose in your team, may be well worth the time and energy invested.” 

doug hatten, chief operating officer - city fitness group ltd., Auckland, NZ

"Dr. Leming is the world's leading authority on behavior modification. He's been through the eye of the needle and uses his own experience to help others move through the process of change."

  collin kitchell, Program manager - bnp paribas Bank, New york, NY

"In a time when our industry is facing disruption, from volatile market conditions to financial technology changing the industry's landscape, Dr. Leming provides a sense of stability and well-being in the work place. August offers our employees critical techniques to enhance their daily experience in the office, and understand the true meaning of their work. As a global bank that strives to be a leader in a changing world, thought-provoking, motivational experts like August are essential in empowering our employees to drive change."

  Frank G. Biller, director of rowing - University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

"The work that Dr. Leming has done with our team and my staff has not just been important and essential, but life-changing. I urge anyone in a leadership position to take advantage of the opportunity to work with Dr. Leming. Not just because of the brilliant content but more importantly because Dr. Leming has the ability to 'get to people'!"

Anthony Luis Rodriguez, Chief Risk Officer - Afex, Las Angeles, CA

"August Leming gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. His unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain what it means to lead, what leading is all about, and what actions are required to be a great leader has revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. In working with August there have been many personal realizations that have made me a better person and leader every day, both at work and at home." 

Chad A. Green, dean of students - St. Paul's School, concord, NH

"Dr. Leming's work with our students, athletes, faculty and coaches has helped to advance our efforts to enhance a school culture that is characterized by a commitment to well-being and social-emotional learning and growth. In an age when young people are faced with tremendous external and internal pressures, August's message of "warriorship" challenges conventional notions of "success" and helps children to recognize that their own self worth is not product of achievement, but rather the result of authentic self-awareness, meaningful connections with others, and the cultivation of self-care that gives one permission to be fully who we are in the world." 

Justin Keen, henley royal regatta champion - Philadelphia, pa

"As an Olympic rowing hopeful, I initially approached August for traditional sports psychology work, but quickly realized his approach extends far beyond that. Over the course of the past year, he has evolved into a life mentor and good friend, single-handedly redefining my perspective on the world. My work with August has honed my capacity to appreciate and learn from my own life experiences; I feel extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with him this early on my journey, and I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Kathryn Green, ASSISTANT coach women’s rowing - St. Paul’s School, Concord, NH

"I have known Dr. Leming for three years now, and I have been fortunate to hear him speak on several occasions, to a variety of audiences. Over time, Dr. Leming has also become a trusted mentor and a friend to my husband and me. At its core, his message is quite simple, and resonates strongly with people: learn to know and love yourself, so that you can better know, love, and serve others. Dr. Leming speaks the truth about all of us: our capacity for fear, courage, hope, joy, suffering, and love. He speaks in a very real and concrete way, in terms to which everyone can relate – and always with humor, compassion, and kindness. As I go about my life, I can hear Dr. Leming’s voice in my head, urging me to be more patient and loving toward myself, and reminding me to turn my attention back to the things that matter. I have been a successful rowing coach for more than twenty-five years, and I have never heard a stronger, more powerful, and more urgently needed message about what discipline, failure, and victory actually look like, and about how athletes can reach their potential and become true warriors – both on the water, and in life."