Fostering Personal Growth, Corporate Performance, and Community


The Power of Attention is a highly interactive, minds-on workshop that offers participants the opportunity to experience personal growth and empowerment. Emphasizing the true freedoms of the human experience ATTENTION and EFFORT, this workshop first introduces audience members to the real time act of paying attention. Participants will explore personal and corporate distractions and develop the skills necessary to turn away from the negative and turn towards the more positive, effective, and productive.

Throughout the workshop, August provides participants with immediately accessible tools and techniques to better understand the meaning of attention and effort and how to better engage those freedoms in pursuit of behavior change, increased awareness, and higher levels of performance.

Once introduced to the art of paying attention, participants are invited to build their very own and individualized tool box of truisms. These truisms will help to redirect us when life and the world around us introduce potential distractions.

This workshop is ideal for anyone facing occupational, relational, or interpersonal difficulties as well as those interested in improving their overall health, functioning, and joy in living.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be better able to:

  1. Exercise mindfulness in their daily lives
  2. Recognize their personal, social and professional distractions
  3. Leverage personal truisms when presented with opportunities for personal growth
  4. Understand the true meaning of "discomfort" and it's place in achievement
  5. Embrace the concept of competition with self and cooperation with others


The evening of the program will allow for smaller group work and individual attention for those interested or selected. Experience shows that any number of team members will be strongly affected by the concepts explored during the workshop. August will spend the evening of the program further enhancing and reviewing these concepts to ensure that they become a regular part of daily individual and corporate practice.

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Corporate Clients

Qatar Gas - Doha, Qatar

BNP Paribas - New York, New York

City Fitness Group Ltd. - Auckland, New Zealand

AFEX - Los Angeles, California

The Philippines Magazine - Manilla, Philippines

CURE Auto Insurance - Princeton, New Jersey

Silver Rock - Princeton, New Jersey

Physicians United Reciprocal Exchange - Princeton, New Jersey

Heritage Surgical Group - Oakland, New Jersey