Move It or Lose It

In our efforts to educate the population, we must necessarily chip away at the rock that is the Crossfit-Biggest Loser-Bootcamp-Marathon running culture of American fitness.  While none of the aforementioned is necessarily “bad”, they ALL fail to address the absolute foundation of health and wellbeing…MOBILITY.  Mobility isn’t just the capacity to move sufficiently to survive the demands of daily life.  To be fair, we have cars that park themselves, movie theater seats that fully recline, and suction cups on our putters that help to pick up the weighty PRO V we just bogied.  To be fair, most of  us don’t really have to move that much at all to survive the demands of our daily, privileged lives.  So what happens?  Well, what happens is the tissue that makes us who and what we are begins to die.  Yes…die.  The truth is, as we move our tissue less and less, thru its fullest and most natural range of motion, that tissue doesn’t get what it needs from the simple act of fluid, neurologically controlled, full range movement.  As we tighten or stiffen over the years, more and more of our tissue begins to lose almost everything that classifies it as “living” .  While the leading cause of death in the U.S. is heart disease, it’s becoming more and more clear that before the heart disease sets in, we slowly stop moving. We stop because it hurts to move.  We stop because we simply don’t have to move.  We stop because we don’t make time to move.   The GOOD NEWS is, it’s all reversible!  That’s right.  Start moving today, through a fluid, full range of motion and your tissue will come back to life.    Start moving today, without a target heart rate, or a number of miles to complete.  Just start moving today, and tomorrow will be a better day.