A Healthier Relationship with Health

Last year I returned from a trip to the Philippines, where as a Board Member of the Empower 2 Play Foundation, I was helping to educate and entertain over 300 of the country’s poorest children.  Let’s just say I received an education of my own as well.  The people I was lucky enough to meet, were among the kindest, most humble, and loving people I’ve ever known.  While they own little to nothing, they have much more of what so many of us here in the U.S. work so hard to get.  What they don’t have is options.  They don’t have the option to eat healthier, join a gym, or seek professional guidance in their search for optimal health.  Optimal health itself is really not an option.  While not all Americans have these options, a good number of us certainly do.  The question is, do we take advantage of them?  Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate our relationship with our own health and well being. First, get some help looking into your body’s movement patterns, restrictions, and inefficiencies.  Second, learn to correct them.  Third, dedicate 10 minutes every day to taking care of your body by performing your Big 3 Movements to correct your greatest imbalances.  Finally, find some time to sit with yourself and “come home” as I say.  Making peace with ourselves is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle.  It’s not all about sweat and half marathons.  It’s about being kind to ourselves so in the end, we can perform the greatest exercise of all, being kind to others.